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LoGrobot / logXray

What is LoGrobot/logXray? LoGrobot is a powerful, fully loaded Linux/Unix Log Monitoring, Analysis & Alerting solution. It is designed to simplistically centralize the monitoring of local and remote log files. It is highly versatile and can be used to monitor and alert on all types of logs; application logs, database logs, system logs, event logs and service logs. It can monitor single and multiple log files and alerts when log patterns (single or multiple patterns) are detected. Additionally, it allows for custom log monitoring tailored to specific individual user requirements. logXray on the other hand provides on-demand graphs and automated analysis which can be used to draw out several important statistics, reveal hidden metrics and quickly isolate problematic trends. When Splunk and other applications similar to it are overkill for your daily log monitoring needs, you turn to LoGrobot!

LoGrobot:Who needs it?! Download LoGrobot if you wish to...


Get notified when specific strings, patterns or keywords are dumped into your log files

Get notified when expected patterns of strings ARE NOT found within specific log files

Get notified when unfamiliar lines are introduced into your system and/or application logs

Get notified when critical log files stop getting written to after a user-specified period of time


Graph specific metrics about your logs to enable the ability to isolate and predict problems before they occur

Get notified if a log file is moved, deleted or no longer exist where it should

Get notified when a log file lacks the proper permissions that will allow read access

Generate Alerts if log files begins to consume too much disk space - Growth Spurts

Utilize a reliable log monitor that is maintained regularly & used in real production environments


Scan logs for specific entries and exclude user specified patterns from the result

Monitor any log file (regardless of size) that lacks a consistent date and/or time format

Monitor multiple logs without the nuisance of complex time consuming configurations

Monitor not just log content, but log time stamp, log size, stale logs, a directory of logs and directory file count as well


Generate quick color coded excel reports on past notification alerts on all monitored log files - avoid digging through archives!

Implement a clean log monitoring solution that does not require the installation of nonnative modules

Avoid having to read endless documentations or wasting time training staff on new tools

Have a technical support team available to accommodate your log monitoring requirements

Utilize an advanced intuitive log monitor that eliminates the need to maintain complex configuration files

Simplified Log File Monitoring

Linux Log Monitoring ; Monitor, Alert on & Analyze Linux / Unix Log files the easy way ; Application Logs, Database logs, System Logs, Custom Logs, Any log file - Genenerate graphs automatically on all monitored logs - Trend any log file metric you desire - Utilize the versitility of LoGrobot to eliminate the tedious effort often required to configure log checks - Perform all log monitoring tasks with just one tool!

Some of the many labor saving capabilities and benefits of LoGrobot include:

  • Watch a directory of log files, detect exceptions/errors in monitored logs

  • PlugnPlay command-line parameters (avoid dealing with scattered configs)
  • Adapts seamlessly to any custom scenario - Usable as a plugin, service or both
  • Monitors dynamic log files efficiently (log files with changing names / dates)
  • Monitors different patterns in single or different log files, with one check
  • Hot Spot Analysis: Identify times when there is unusually high # of log statements
  • Monitors log file timestamps, log file growth, log file size and directory file count
  • Assignment of different thresholds to patterns in a multi-pattern log check
  • A clean log monitor that does not require installation of nonnative modules
  • Scanning, monitoring and alerting on log files of any format, type or size
  • ON-Demand graphs for insight on the health of your App, DB, Network
  • Can alert based on values in certain columns of specific log entries
  • Monitoring rotated logs automatically - never miss events between logchecks!
  • Scan logs in time frames (i.e. show entries within previous 20 mins, 1 hr...etc)
  • Remote agent included for monitoring of remote logs from ONE master server
  • Alert when expected log events are NOT found within a set period of time
  • Monitor all log files or specific types of log files in a particular directory
    • Point logxray to ANY directory with just one check!

      • Avoid having to define separate checks for each log file

    • Specify the type of files to exclude / include in monitoring

      • Assign different thresholds for each file type

  • Easily integrated with other monitoring apps i.e. Nagios, Zenoss, Zabbix
  • Use one tool to monitor anything and everything about your Unix log files!
  • Request development of custom personalized log monitoring features
    • Allows passing of different thresholds to each pattern being monitored

    • Allows for the filtering of specific log entries to eliminate unnecessary noise

  • Buy / Download $49.95

How-To Videos on Common Tasks

How to use logrobot/logxray to monitor single or multiple patterns in single or multiple log files, alert on stale logs (logs that arent growing in size or getting updates), monitor file count in a directory.

Print X Number Around Pattern

Monitor a log for a specific pattern. When that pattern is found, print X number of lines before the pattern and X number oflines after the pattern. If multiple patterns are found in the log, perform these instructions on each one of them.


Directory Log Monitor

Monitor and alert on patterns, strings or keywords found in all logs in a specific directory. Avoid having to create different/separate logchecks for each file. Easily configure log monitoring checks on a large scale with very little effort.


Growth Monitoring

Log File Growth Monitoring - Monitor the growth of a log file to ensure the log is getting updates. Alert when the growth and/or growth rate of a monitored log is determined to be too slow, too fast or just stale.


File Size / Log Size

Monitor file size and alert if file size is greater than user specified thresholds. Generate notification alerts on logs. Monitor the size of log files of any application or database on Unix systems. Trend log file size (feature available). Works on Unix (Linux/AIX/SunOS/HP-UX/MacOS).


Directory File Count Monitor

Monitor and alert on the number of files in a specific directory. Generate notification alerts when the file count of a directory breaches user-specified thresholds. Tested on Unix (Linux/AIX/SunOS/HP-UX).


File / Log Timestamp

Timestamp Monitor - Monitor the time stamp of single or multile logs / files on a Unix system. If the age of the file you're monitoring is older than a predetermined number of minutes, hours, days...