About LoGrobot

LoGrobot is plug n play versatile tool that allows Unix users to monitor log files on a very granular level by offering the greatest flexibility in Log Monitoring.

What that means is, if you need to monitor log file(s) in any specific way, LoGrobot is the one and only tool (or plugin) that is fully equipped to do the work for you, effortlessly.

But how so?

You see, over the span of many, many years, we (the LoGrobot team) dedicated thousands of hours into building and combining a massive arsenal of capabilities into the LoGrobot tool. We did this for two major reasons:

      (1). We believe everything that has to do with the monitoring and analysis of logs should be done with just one tool. That means, if you wish to monitor log content, log size, log file growth (stale logs), log timestamp, single logs, multiple logs, directory of logs, etc, you should only need to call upon one tool to do the job for you. And that tool MUST NOT be complex or daunting to use. And you MUST NOT have to learn any new query languages or any language at all. That tool should be PLUG N PLAY.

      (2). We really don't believe in requiring users to install/configure multiple packages, dependencies or modules before being able to utilize our tool. We find this common practice to be an utter waste of time and an unnecessary inconvenience which we absolutely detest. Not to mention, it makes portability all the more difficult to accomplish.

Therefore, we went above and beyond to make LoGrobot a tool unlike any out there. We made it a robust log monitoring software you can start using rightaway - as in immediately. Everything you need in order to monitor any log file or directory of logs however you need them monitored, is in the tool. And it got in the tool specifically through a stream of customization requests we receive frequently from our base of existing users. We believe if one user out there in the world requires a feature, however unique it may be, it is reasonable to conclude there will be others like him/her that would want that same feature (or a variation of it). And for that reason alone, we make sure all approved development requests are rolled into the regular updates applied to the LoGrobot tool which are then made available to the general public.

And as a result, you, being a user of LoGrobot, basically reap the benefits.

When you download the LoGrobot tool, you get to have in your possession a powerful utility that covers the widest range of scenarios and possibilities in log monitoring. You get to monitor, graph, analyze and alert on any Unix log file however you want without ever having to write, modify or decipher a single script, attend any classes, learn new programming languages or be a master of complex, mind crippling regexes!