LoGrobot/logXray (Fully Featured) - Monitor & Alert on Log File Content, Log Time Stamp, Log Size, Stale Logs, Generate ON-Demand Graphs, Identify Anomalies

    • Save Labor

      No programming required, no new query languages to learn, no classes to take, No complicated configuration files to deal with, No scary modules or libraries to download or configure - Quick & Clean automated install - Requires only an "unzip"
      • Detect App/DB/System Anomalies via logs
      • Monitor logs with/without time stamps or dates
      • (Single Log) Timestamp Monitor
      • (Multi Log) Timestamp Monitor
      • (Single Log) Growth Monitor
      • (Multi Log) Growth Monitor
      • Automated Graphing/Trending of Log Metrics
      • Monitor HTTP/Apache Status Codes
      • Ability to choose # of entries from log to show in alerts
      • Log Rotation - Reads unread entries from rotated logs
      • Databases - Monitor all DB logs w/ just one check
    • Save Time

      Monitor all log files in your Unix environment with just ONE tool & ONE master server - Manage log checks from a centralized interface; Nagios, Zabbix, Zenoss, Cron...etc - We've done all the complicated, tedious, time consuming work so you NEVER have to write another script again!
      • Stale Logs Alert when log is stagnant / inactive
      • Centralized Monitoring - Monitor Local & Remote Logs
      • Single Log Size Monitor
      • Multi Log Size Monitor
      • Single / Multiple Directory File Count Monitor
      • Single / Multiple Directory Size Monitor
      • Self Healing Auto-Resolve Capabilities
      • Tail log content through time frames
      • Alert on different patterns on different lines
      • Exclude specific log entries to eliminate false alerts
      • Applications - Monitor all App logs w/ just one check